Amalia Europe Cheese EST. March 2007, is almost reaching its 10-year Anniversary! A family owned business based in Dandenong. Our pride is the quality of our products, our service and our customers walking out the door with a cheesy smile. Our vision is to maintain a fresh and modern looking deli with a hint of tradition from Europe! We aspire to support the community and local small businesses surrounding us. 
Currently, we stock Grumpy Gary's HOT sauce range, a local Cranbourne family business. Their passion is watching people get excited about food. We offer a free taste testing before you buy!
Amalia Europe Cheese are not cheese or cured meat manufacturers, however, we do stock top quality cheese and cured meats from the best manufacturers: Floridia, Alba, Tibaldi, Princi, Dodoni, Anadolu, South Cape and King Island. 
Recently, Coffee and other Hot/cold beverages have been introduced to the business, using the finest organic Arabica, Melbourne roasted, San Pedro coffee. Customers are more than welcome to sit in or have it on the go! 
We strive to constantly give our customers quick, easy and stress-free shopping experience that respects their precious time. It’s our mission to achieve the best shopping experience for you and satisfy all customers with our excellent high quality products. We will do everything that can ensure that you’re are happy with your purchase. This customer satisfaction happens naturally, considering we sell great products and have competitive pricing. This policy is your assurance and our commitment, that if any issue comes up, we will do our best to resolve it to your satisfaction.